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Scientific Event Details

The First Annual Integrated Gynecology-Andrology Forum; Advances in Fertility Management

As a continuation of Minapharm unique series of "Expert Panel", Minapharm recently organized a first-of-a-kind meeting in the field of infertility; the First Annual Integrated Gynocology-Andrology Forum discussing recent advances in Fertility Management.

Scientific Topics

What do Andrologists Need to Know about Gynecology, What do Gynecologist Need to Know about Andrology, The Uprising Role of FSH in Management of Idiopathic Male Infertility


Prof. Medhat Amer
Prof. Mohamed Yehia
Dr. Mohamed Wael


Prof. Hassan El Maghraby
Prof. M. Moselhy Farrag
Prof. Abdel Maguid Ramzy
Prof. Ahmed Attia
Prof. Ibrahim Fahmy
Prof. M. Farid Raeya
Prof. Sarwat El Ahwani


In this meeting, the audience were both gynecologists and andrologists, several issues were asked from the gynecology perspective and elaborated through the andrologists and vice-versa.
There was a good chance for several discussions where the audience participated with their opinions and exchanged their own clinical experience with the experts. 
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