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Improving IVF Efficiency for the many; not the few”

As a global leader in biotechnology & cellular engineering, ProBioGen-Minapharm recently hosted a symposium in Lisbon, Portugal and welcomed 50 distinguished Egyptian guests and specialty leaders in Gynecology and Infertility. The therapeutic focus of Minapharm in the field of Gynecology have encouraged the organization of this meeting with the objective of shortening the distance between the company's laboratory bench to the doctors' clinical bedside and to draw both them both nearer to innovative solutions of infertility in the challenging world of Gynecology.

The First Annual Integrated Gynecology-Andrology Forum; Advances in Fertility Management

As a continuation of Minapharm unique series of "Expert Panel", Minapharm recently organized a first-of-a-kind meeting in the field of infertility; the First Annual Integrated Gynocology-Andrology Forum discussing recent advances in Fertility Management.

Expert panel No 65. “Best Practice in Hair Regrowth”

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Abdel-Shakour EL MOHAMADY. Minapharm started its series of Best practice in hair regrowth by this Expert Panel No 65. We were honored by the presence of eminent dermatologists from Cairo and Delta. Where 4 professors presented different cases in Hair Fall.

” Hair Regrowth In-Vivo & In-Vito; Futuristic View”

Minapharm launched a new form of Hair Plus back; Topical foam on the 12th of May in the presence of eminent professors of dermatology from Egypt as well as Dr. Uwe Marks from Germany. The launching event was entitled:” Hair Regrowth In-Vivo & In-Vito; Futuristic View”. Where Dr Uwe presented the in-vitro hair regrowth model on the “Human On A Chip”. The meeting started with a welcome ceremony in the hall of the hotel. Then the scientific meeting started with a presentation: • ” Advancing Best in Class In-Vitro Models for Human Skin & Hair; towards Smart Transplant Concepts.” By Dr. Uwe MARX. Next was the interactive session: • “Best Practice in Hair Regrowth” Moderated by Prof. Marwa ABDALLAH

ProBioGen - MINAPHARM - OM Pharma - “Biological Technologies; Managing Fertility & Prophylaxis of Recurrent UTIs” in Berlin

The Therapeutic focus of Minapharm in the field of gynecology encouraged this meeting organization, in collaboration with OM Pharma & ProBioGen, presenting a unique advanced business model, providing technology solutions to the world through cell-engineering. The latest updates in the field of Gynecology and the management of infertility were presented in the incident of Gonapure establishment in market. OM Pharma which has unique expertise in the area of immunology with its well established product portfolio for prevention of infectious diseases, in collaboration with MINAPHARM, presented the most recent biological in the prophylaxis of RUTIs. The doctors were impressed by the scientific meeting, and with the discussed topics, which were up-to -date, and discussed important debates with a practical point of view. As an overall feedback, Doctors perceived Minapharm as a reputable company with high experience in biotechnology, with therapeutic focus in Gynecology, offering innovative products to the pharmaceutical market.

New Frontiers in the prevention of COPD Exacerbations

-As part of our famous spectacular scientific events, MINAPHARM in collaboration with OM pharma organized this year the first Broncho-Vaxom standalone symposium discussing “New frontiers in the prevention of COPD Exacerbations” which took its place in Dubai. - More than 30 Eminent Pulmonologists from different universities all over Egypt (Ain Shams, Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Tanta, Assiut Universities) also doctors from the Gulf area attended the symposium.

Pediatric Asthma Phenotypes and Endotypes in the 21st Century

Pediatric Asthma Phenotypes and Endotypes in the 21st Century were discussed in a meeting organized by MINAPHARM. This was Expert Panel No. 54, held in Marriott Hotel.

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