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Uro-Vaxom ® Capsules

Immunostimulating agent for prophylaxis against recurrent urinary tract infections.

Ingredient: 6 mg of lyophilized bacterial extract from 18 strain of E-coli
Multinational Partner: OM Pharma
Launch Date: January 8, 2002
Pack: Box contains 1 strip of 10 capsules

Product General

Disease Area

Urinary tract infection (UTI), the most common of all bacterial infections, affects humans throughout their life span. 20-35% of all women experience at least one episode of UTI sometime in their lives. UTI occurs in all populations, from the neonate to the geriatric patient, but has a particular impact on females of all ages, males at the two extremes of life, kidney transplant patients, and anyone with functional or structural abnormalities of the urinary excretory system. Because of the wide range of individuals affected and because UTI is frequently superimposed on other medical problems, physicians in virtually all specialties are called on to deal with this clinical problem.

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Active principle

1 capsule contains: 6 mg of lyophilized bacterial lysates of Escherichia coli.


 Immunotherapy Prevention of recurrent lower urinary tract infections. Co-medication in the treatment of acute urinary tract infec¬tions.

Posology and method of administration Preventive treatment and/or consolidation therapy:

1 capsule daily on an empty sto¬mach, for 3 consecutive months.


1 capsule daily on an empty stomach as co-medication to conventional antimicrobial therapy, until disappearance of the symptoms but for at least 10 consecutive days.


1-Documents Section

urovaxom trials summary

Ecoli antibiotic resistance in Egypt

European Association of urology trial 2005

children efficacy trial


Attached Files

EAU 2011 magazine.pdf
17_Urological infections_LR II.pdf
CUA 2011.pdf
Recurrent urinary tract infection in women.doc

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