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Artelac ® Eye Drops

Artificial tears for dry eye symptomatic relief.

Berberil ® Eye Drops

Unique dual action of relieving ocular irritation and dry eye symptoms.

Corneregel ® Fluid

Dexapanthenol for healing of corneal lesions.

Corneregel ® Ophthalmic Gel

Dexapanthenol for healing of corneal lesions.

DECAPRENO ® 200 000 IU

DECAPRENO is Cholecalciferol / Vitamin D3 for vitamin D Deficiency patients Each Ampoule : 1 ml contains 200 000 IU/ ml Cholecalciferol For Oral or I.M Injection use

Dexagel ® Viscous Eye Drops

Corticosteroid for treatment of severe inflammation or allergic eye diseases.

Doxium ® 500 Capsules

Doxium is an exclusive vasoprotective used is Chronic Venous Insufficiency, In Hemorrhoids and in Diabetic Retinopathy.

Netophtiole Eye drops 5 ml

Topical treatment of external infections of the eye and appendages caused by the germs susceptible to Netilmicin, including the germs producing adenylating and phosphorylating enzymes

Netophtiole plus Eye drops 5 ml

Indicated in the case of inflammatory conditions of the anterior segment of the eye, either post-operative or not, in the presence of or at risk of bacterial ocular infection.

Ophtatrov Plus

is indicated in adults for the decrease of intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension

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