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Ossopan ® Tablets

Ossopan 800 with its composition, Ossein Hydroxyapatite, Mimics the Natural Physiology of Bone which is composed of organic and inorganic content.

Ingredient: Ossein Hydroxyapatite
Multinational Partner: Pierre Fabre
Launch Date: January 1, 2007
Pack: 20 tablets

Product General

Disease Area

Pregnancy and lactation.

Osteoporosis of various origin

- Primary osteoporosis ( postmenupausal, senile)

- Secondary osteoporosis (due to: corticoid treatment, heparin treatment, immobilisation, rheumatoid arthritis, liver and kidney disease, hyperparathyroidism, osteogenesis imperfecta).

Bone Fractures


Insert leaflet

1-Documents Section

Ossein hydroxyapetite in treatment of pseudoarthrosis

Efficacy of Ossein-hydroxyapetite compared with Ca carbonate to prevent bone loss;a meta-analysis

Q & A
How is it verified that ossein contained in OHC is absorbed and used by the human bones ?

Ca & P in OSSOPAN are embedded in Ossein resulting in a SR process. Ossopan dissolves by the digestive fluids, followed by gradual absorption of Ca & P along the digestive tract. SR of Ossein components: Collagen (transformed into amino acids & absorbed along the GIT) Non-collagenous elements = elements necessary for bone Ossopan as organic component exhibits an osteogenic effect. Stimulates bone building process with the best pattern & enhances the quality of the newly-formed bone, in comparison to simple mineral supplements .

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