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Lucidril 250 Tablets

One of the most used nootropics. The only drug reported to cause lipofuscin regression. Has a unique mechanism of action, used in cases of cerebral insufficiency, dementia, stroke, and cerebral aging.

Ingredient: Meclofenoxate 250,500 mg
Multinational Partner: MINAPHARM
Launch Date: August 1, 1994
Pack: 2 strips 10 tabs each( 20 tabs/box)

Product General

Disease Area

Cerebral insufficiency is general deterioration of brain functions, characterized by memory deficits and behavioral changes.

It can occur by aging or as a result of strokes, traumas or even cerebral atherosclerosis.

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Lucidril 250 mg Active Ingredient:

Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride (freeze-dried)………………250 mg


  • Cerebral Aging, Cerebral atherosclerosis, neurological or psychological sequelea of head injury; manifesting by: mental deterioration; mental fatigue & inability to concentrate, disturbed memory and mood, intellectual impairment and behavioral changes. Neurological symptoms; Transient neurological attacks, paresis of face and limbs, Visual disturbance, Vertigo & tinnitus, Motor & sensory aphasia.


2 tablets in the morning, 2 tablets at noon (before 4 O'clock p.m.) in repeated courses, not less than one month.

The degree of action of Lucidril is very largely dependent upon the duration of treatment.


1-Documents Section

Effect of lucidril on lipid peroxide

Q & A
Difference between Lucidril and Tebonina?

Tebonina is a Ginkgo extract with no exact mechanism of action, simply a brain tonic and anti-oxidant!!! While lucidril acts specifically on acetylcholine … To objectively improve brain function together with its lipofuscinolytic action.

Are there drug interaction with anti-parkinsonism drugs and anti-hypertensives?

No known interactions.

Is the efficacy of Lucidril affected, upon reducing the dose to one tablet?

Not recommended

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