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Bon-one ® 0.5 µg Tablets

Bon-one tablet is the only brand Alfacalcidol tablet worldwide. Alfacalcidol increases Calcium absorption from the GIT, suppresses PTH secreation so decreasing bone resorption and increasing bone repair.

Ingredient: Alfacalcidol
Multinational Partner: Teijin Pharma Limited
Launch Date: May 22, 2005
Pack: 30 tablets

Product General

Disease Area

• Bone is a living, growing tissue made up of cells, vessels, crystals of calcium compounds.

• Bone is remodeled throughout life. Remodeling is the process in which bones are broken down then built back up again through bone formation.

• 10% of skeletal bone gets replaced this way each year.

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Each Bon-One® tablet contains 0.25, 0.5 or 1.0 pg of alfacalcidol.


* Improvement of various symptoms (hypocalcemia, tetany, bone pain, bone lesions, etc.) due to abnormal vitamin D metabolism in the following conditions:

- Chronic renal failure

- Hypoparathyroidism

- Vitamin D-resistant rickets and osteomalacia

* Osteoporosis

Dosage and Administration:

The dose should be adjusted with careful monitoring of the serum Ca level.

* Chronic renal failure and osteoporosis: For adults, 0.5 — 1.0 pg, as alfacalcidol, of Bon-One® tablet is generally administered orally once a day. The dose should be adjusted according to the age of the patients and the severity of symptoms.

* Hypoparathyroidism and other diseases associated with abnormal vitamin D metabolism: For adults, 1.0 — 4.0 pg, as alfacalcidol, of Boo-One® tablet is generally administered orally once a day. The dose should be adjusted according to the dieases, age of the patients, severity of symptoms, and the type of the diseases.

Dosage for children:

The general oral dose for children with osteoporosis ranges 0.01 —0.03 jig/ kg as alfacalcidol once a day, and that for the other indications ranges 0.05 — 0.1 pg/ kg as alfacalcidol once a day. The dose should be adjusted according to the diseases and the severity symptoms.


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