Pharmacy News - Uro-vaxom
Product Launch


Minapharm under license of OM pharma has launched URO-VAXOM, in September 2002, the 1st urinary tract infection (UTI) immuno-stimulant introduced to the Egyptian market. Uro-Vaxom is a lyophilized bacterial extract of 18 E-Coli strains, for the treatment and prophylaxis of recurrent UTIs.

Uro-Vaxom stimulates specific and non-specific immune responses against the most common antigens causing UTI. Such immuno-protective properties result in significant reduction in:
1. Severity and frequency of UTI attacks
2. Distressing symptoms thus improving the quality of life for patients with UTIs
3. Consumption of antibiotics.

Minapharm/ OM Pharma have previously introduced an immuno-stimulant specific for protection against recurrent respiratory tract infections: Broncho-Vaxom. It is widely used in Egypt, as well as worldwide.